KNEE-DUO is a double paddle, on-off switch pair that can be used for knees, stumps, etc. The spring loaded paddles are about 4” long and about 6.5” at the opening. Custom sizes are available special order. KNEE-DUO is available with a 1/4-20 threaded hole for use with a RAM ball setup or a Manfrotto adjustable arm and clamp.

KNEE-DUO comes in a 3D printed plastic housing with a 3’ cords and individual 3.5mm plugs compatible with the XAC. RAM ball, Manfrotto clamp, and Manfrotto adjustable arm is

shown for reference only and NOT included. is probably a good place to purchase them or a photo hardware supply house like B&H.

Manfrotto Arm:

Manfrotto Clamp:

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