1. The most important way is to help us reach out to wounded warfighters with injuries requiring custom made items

      • We may be able to help them enjoy activities they once did and provide items to help them be more independent. Gaming is only one aspect of our work. We may be able to help with custom personal hygiene items, eating utensils or adapters to improve the basic ones they have, adapters for other hobbies such as RC Cars, etc.
    2. Help us team up with your charity to spread the word about our work

      • Many wounded warfighters are “off the grid” and cannot be contacted easily. They may be getting support from other support organizations. The more people we can reach, the more we can help.

    3. Buy T-shirts or other items off our website

      • We offer many colors and sizes. Wearing them is another way to help us spread the word so that it may reach interested wounded warfighters. They are made to order so allow time for delivery. Click here to shop

    4. Help support our work financially

      • Help us raise funds through local events or other opportunities such as personal donations.

      • Being a 501C3 Charitable Organization, we can offer tax incentives.

      • The work we do requires costly travel expenses, purchasing tools, supplies, game controllers, etc. Certain custom items can cost up to several thousand dollars to build. We need your support to do this.

    5. Donate Unused Airline or Hotel Vouchers (or Air Miles)

      • Your Gift can make it possible for us to travel directly to end recipients, enabling us to work 1:1.
    6. Donate gaming hardware or access to fabrication hardware.

      • Many gamers are now moving to the new generation consoles (XBOX ONE, PS4) and are no longer requesting adapted older systems. We can use new generation controllers of all types.

      • Donating Amazon gift cards, Gamestop cards, Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc. will allow us to get the things we need to do this work.

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