Project 8


This XBOX 360 controller was modified for a Marine EOD tech who lost his right hand above the wrist. The 4 action buttons usually operated by the right thumb as well as the right trigger and bumper needed to be addressed.For the right trigger and bumper, a pair of foot switches were used. These came from a driving wheel set. The right joystick location was untouched. An extension was added so he can use it with his right nub. The player requested that the 4 action buttons and the D-pad locations be swapped so he could use his left thumb instead while his right nub would operate the D-Pad. Both controls were swapped and placed into custom fabricated assemblies in opposite positions. The new action button cluster was oriented and elevated to meet his comfortable left thumb playing position. Two iterations were made with the second being a silver-tone wireless system. The resulting controller was actually very payable despite the swapping of control locations and allows the Marine to easily play his XBOX 360 games.