Project 15


This Wii Controller was made for a Marine who lost both arms and both legs. He wanted to play Wii Bowling and similar Wii games that required him to hold down a certain button while swinging the controller and than letting go of the button at a certain point in the swing. The myoelectric prosthetics in use today and in particular the ones used by this individual are simply too slow for video games and physically incapable of holding both a controller while operating a single button on it. His left arm was also a prosthetic and not an option. The solution was to essentially move the button out of the controller to a location where he could operate it independently of his arms. 

The Wii controller was modified by running wires from the old button pads to a small 1/8" connector that could be used for different remote buttons such as a bite switch or a large flat button which he could stand on. The Wii controller shell also had rubber strips bonded to it so his prosthetic could get a better grip on it while swinging it. Small rubber blobs were added to the very flat buttons so he could operate them with his other prosthetic hand more easily.

To use the controller with these games now, he would hold it in his right prosthetic hand while he stood on a flat button or bit down a bite switch. This simulates the finger holding down the button on the controller. At a certain point in the swing, he would lift his foot off the button or release his bite to simulate letting his finger off the button.