Project 13


This XBOX 360 console controller was made for an Army Captain and Ranger who had lost his right arm at the elbow, both legs and two finger tips on his left hand. With an easy way to hold a controller, and no easy way to push buttons on a controller with his right side, the best choice was to make the controller into a stand design.

The right side color buttons (ABXY) were moved to a fixed arc array mounted to the top surface. The right side thumbstick was moved to an oversized joystick in front of the arc. The actual controller was mounted to a flexible arm so his left hand could perform the normal functions on that side. The left trigger and bumper were untouched and operated by his left complete left index finger. His right side trigger and bumper were relocated to the left side wall of the controller so his two short fingers could easily reach and operate them. 

The user is now able to play the video games at a satisfying level. Time will only improve his skills with this new configuration.